Served straight from the Bay – Smoking Lobster, Ventnor

An imaginitive new restaurant, cocktail and wine bar on Ventnor’s famous Esplanade has been causing ripples of excitement on social media since it opened in August.

The Smoking Lobster is a seafood grill that sources many of the ultra-fresh ingredients on its menu directly from the waters of Ventnor Bay.

In fact the seafront restaurant even has its own dedicated fisherman – in the shape of Justin Urry, a passionate one-man business who operates with just 40 lobster pots plus a rod and line, to supply the most amazing quality produce.

This is then cooked by restaurant owners and chefs Giancarlo Giancovich and Adam Fendyke, who has drawn from his Italian-Chinese roots to produce a menu of seafood dishes with a distinctive Asian twist.

“Ventnor needed something new in a fresh seafood restaurant, and we decided to go for a fusion style, with a distinct Pan-Asian twist” says Giancarlo, who is running the 35-cover restaurant with his long-time business partner, chef Adam Fendyke.

The pair are already well-known and established in the town as owners of the successful Mediterranean-style bistro and wine bar Tramezzini, in Ventnor High Street.

The Smoking Lobster is open for lunch and dinner, with menus that showcase Ventnor Bay crab and lobster and whatever happens to be Justin’s ‘Catch of the Day’, plus steaks of Island beef.

Diners who can’t quite decide can combine the steak and lobster in a ‘Surf and Turf’ option.

The Smoking Lobster is open seven days a week, with the exception of Sunday

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